A downloadable game for Windows

Created as a University Project

Team Members

  • Burju Kocoglu
  • Nikkita Loney
  • Sarah Howarth
  • Julian Lia


In the game, you play as a cheeseburger aiming to avoid vegetables coming at you by shooting them.

The enemies are tomatoes and pickles which you must shoot using your ketchup and mustard guns.

After shooting a whole vegetable, it will break up into three slices, and then each slice will break into two diced pieces. Once those have been shot, they will disappear completely.

Once a vegetable is completely destroyed, your ammunition will automatically replenish – you need ammunition in order to be able to fire sauce.

You have three lives at the beginning of each game. You lose one life each time a vegetable hits you, and after all lives have been lost, the game is over.

Move: W, A, S, D keys
Shoot: The primary (left) button on the mouse
Rotate/Pivot: Move mouse around

Install instructions

Unzip file and  run .exe


Awesome Sauce Build.zip 32 MB

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